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Five Mistakes To Avoid When You're Packing For A Catamaran Vacation

Packing properly is an important step in getting as much as possible out of an exciting catamaran tours trip. You need to go prepared because traveling on a catamaran is a unique and unforgettable experience that you might only get to enjoy once. If you're planning for an upcoming catamaran trip, you should take care to avoid the following five packing mistakes so tha

Three Romantic Adventures To Celebrate Special Moments

Whether the goal is to celebrate an anniversary, enjoy a romantic interlude away from kids and work, or ask that special someone to join you in marriage, the setting often has the power to make or break the experience. For instance, an anniversary dinner in a crowded, noisy restaurant with hit-and-miss service and mediocre food and wine won't be nearly as enjoyable or

Costa Rica Boasts Some Of The Best Marlin Fishing In The World

Costa Rica is an active traveler's dream. It has, for example, earned a reputation among surfers for having some of the best waves on the planet. This country also offers visitors a slew of canopy-skimming zip lines and challenging rainforest and volcano hikes. And to top it all off, Costa Rica was named the happiest country in the world by the World Economi

Tips For Keeping Safe On Your Next Wine Tour

For wine lovers, few outings are better than a wine tour. A chance to sample a long list of brands and types of wine will give you the opportunity to identify some new favorites, and given that you'll likely be in the company of friends or family members, you'll have plenty of laughs along the way. Given that you'll be consuming alcohol at a fairly consistent pace thr

Benefits Of Sending Your Child To Science Camp

As the end of the school year approaches and you think about how your child will spend the summer break, you might be keen on enrolling him or her in a summer camp. Whether the camp is a week or several weeks, takes place during the day or is an overnight camp, there are several available options that will suit your criteria. One type of camp to consider is science ca