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Tips To Make Your Bioluminescent Kayak Tour One To Remember

For someone who loves the outdoors, there is nothing better than a camping or hiking trip to get back to nature and enjoy a vacation. If you have decided to take a kayaking trip, you might want to consider heading out on one of the increasingly popular bioluminescent kayak tours and experience something truly special.

If you have decided to take a bioluminescent kayak tour, here are some tips to make it one to remember.

Book Your Trip In The Peak Months  

While you can find bioluminescent kayak tours at any point during the year in the warmer parts of the country and around the world, there tend to be certain times of the year when you are more likely to see it, and that is during the peak months of that location of the year.

Peak months for viewing the bioluminescence of sea life will change depending on what area you are heading to. Typically the summer months of any given location are peak times to view the glowing waters when the temperatures so bear that in mind when booking your trip. It will increase your chances of seeing the bluish or greenish glow while you paddle by.

Wear Protective Clothing

While summer months are usually warm if not hot, most bioluminescent kayak tours recommend that you wear protective clothing while on the kayak. Long sleeves and pants will protect your skin against mosquitos and other bug bites while keeping you warmer while on the water. While the days can be warm on land, the water temperature and the air around it will feel cooler at night.

Also, your clothing should be waterproof in the event that you get splashed with water or if your kayak turns over during the trip. This will keep you warm should you get wet. You can bring a change of clothes with you on the trip in the event your items do get wet.

Enjoy The Sight And Don't Take Too Many Pictures

You might be planning on bringing your camera along with you on your kayaking tour, and while this is a good idea to capture the memories and the beauty of the glow, bioluminescent kayak tours often recommend taking the time to just enjoy the sight and not taking so many pictures.

Often, people get caught up in wanting to capture the moment so they can look back later and remember it through the pictures they take, and while this can be a great way to look back on a fun trip, it can take away the magic of the moment. Instead, simply just enjoy watching the glow and take fewer pictures.