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How To Plan A Customized Amusement Park Tour That You Will Always Remember

Planning a trip to a major theme park can be an experience of a lifetime for many. For children, it's the magic of meeting their favorite characters that they will remember for years to come; and for their parents, it's reliving their own experiences and enjoying the looks on their kids' faces while they enjoy the rides and shows.

What if you could design your trip to your favorite theme park complete with exclusive access to some areas without the wait in long lines? For many amusement park lovers, this would be the vacation of their dreams and it's possible with customized experiences, for example, VIP tours.

If you would like to book a customized theme park tour, here are some tips for planning that can create a memorable trip.

Plan What Parks You Want To Visit 

Before you book your customized trip, decide which amusement parks you would like to visit and include those on your tour. In some cases, you can choose more than one park with the VIP tour, especially if you plan to be in the area for several days and want to see more than one park. 

Once you know which parks you would like to visit, take a look at what attractions you would like to include on the tour. Make a list of all the rides and shows you would like to include on your tour to make it easier to book.

Some tour companies offer a tour guide to go along with you to bypass lines and get preferred seating on most rides and shows. You can opt to go alone to the parks. Your tour company will give you either tickets or wristbands you can wear to bypass certain lines or receive preferred seating at your selected shows.

Plan What Restaurants And Other Entertainment You Would Like To See

Many customized tour options offer VIP access to restaurants on the amusement park properties they contract with, as well as tickets to concerts and other entertainment venues found in the parks. This means you don't have to potentially wait months for a reservation at some of the parks' most popular restaurants and will get preferred seating. 

The same is true for concerts or other entertainment venues found in multiple theme parks. You can get VIP seating, backstage tour access to select venues, and sometimes souvenirs to take home.  

Contact a local service provider to learn more about VIP tours, including Disney VIP tours.