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Two Things Every Disney Vacation Must Include As An Adult

Perhaps it is the thrill of meeting all those wonderful characters that graced your childhood, or maybe it's the atmosphere that is so chipper and magical. Whatever it is about Disney World and Disneyland that continue to attract visitors, it is one experience that even adults should not miss.

If you are heading on a Disney vacation for the first time in your life even though you are far beyond your Mickey Mouse and Cinderella days, you may be tempted to simply hit up the theme parks and wing it to see what all the fuss is about. However, the best Disney experience comes with careful planning with a travel agent so you don't miss any of the best parts. Here are a few things every Disney vacation must include as an adult. 

Plan to eat at one of the Disney-themed restaurants. 

A lot of travelers make the mistake of planning a Disney vacation and skipping out on all of the great restaurants that can be found in and around the theme parks to save money. However, it is well worth it to splurge at least once and grab lunch or dinner at one of the themed restaurants. Not only do you get to immerse yourself in places that look like scenes straight out of Walt Disney's imagination, but you also get great food and good company with some familiar characters for entertainment. 

Be Our Guest at Disney World gives you access to Beast's castle, and Boma allows you to dine in what looks like an authentic African marketplace. These are just two of the many examples you can find while on your magical getaway, and all of them have something special to offer, whether it is an amazing menu or incredible setting. 

Stick around until after dark for the show at the castle. 

Disney World is famous for its fantastic firework shows when the sun goes down. So even if you think you've seen all you wanted and are too old to enjoy just another firework show, stay anyway. After dark, Disney arranges a light show at the castle that gives you a beautiful view of the palace in a myriad of colors. Immediately after the light show, you get a firework show, but this is no ordinary show. It is a Disney firework show that is far from ordinary and truly a sight to behold—no matter how old you may be. 

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