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Reasons That An Educational Travel Experience Is More Valuable Than A Summer Job For Your Teen

When the end of the school year approaches, you may be starting to suggest that your teenager looks for a summer job. There are plenty of benefits of doing so, including not only earning money, but also getting a chance to develop some real-world skills that can be beneficial in the years ahead. However, if you're looking for a beneficial activity for your teen, you might wish to consider signing him or her up for an educational travel experience. Many travel companies that specialize in educational travel offer trips at home and abroad that focus on learning and are also plenty of fun. Here are some reasons that this idea can be better than having your teen work for the summer.

It Could Steer Him/Her Toward Post-Secondary Education

Many teens have an idea of what they wish to study in college, but this isn't always the case. Summer jobs aren't likely to push your teen in this direction — for example, flipping burgers isn't so compelling that he or she will want to forgo college and continue to work in fast food. However, an educational tour can open your teen's eyes to a topic that he or she may wish to explore in further education. For example, a memorable visit to a museum could steer your teen toward taking museum studies at college.

There's No Better Time

The summers in high school are the perfect time to explore unique experiences such as educational travel. Teens and young adults are unlikely to take time for this type of adventure as the years go on — for example, at college, they'll be so focused on their studies and on working to pay for college that they might not take this type of trip. After college, many young adults are so focused on their new careers that vacationing is a distant priority. It's possible that your teen will never get to experience the value of educational travel if he or she doesn't go now.

It Will Broaden His/Her Horizons

Teens can often get into the rut of only hanging out with people who are into the same things as them, and this can limit their experiences as they grow up. When your teen is on an educational travel trip, he or she is unlikely to do so with friends from school, which means that it's necessary to make new friends. Sometimes, teens will make friends with not only different types of other teens, but even teens from different cities, states, and countries. This can further increase the value of this type of trip, especially at this point in the teen's life.

For more information about educational travel experiences you could sign your teen up for, contact a travel company in your area, such as Passports Educational Group Travel.