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Provide You And Your Family With A Festive And Memorable Time While Staying At A Ski Lodge

If you, your spouse, and your two teenage children will be staying in a vacation suite at a ski resort this holiday season and plan on spending Christmas eve and day at the tourist location, the time away from home can be festive and memorable by using the plans below. 

Ski All Day And Take In A Show At Night

Pack ski equipment to bring along on the trip if you and your family are frequent skiers and own items that you are comfortable using. Otherwise, inquire about rentals at the lodge and ski packages that will allow your family to ski for several hours each day.

After hitting the slopes and expending energy skiing, ask your family if they would like to relax at night while watching a Christmas theater production or holiday movie. At the lodge you can ask about public venues nearby that offer performances and hail a taxi cab or purchase tickets to ride a shuttle into town to visit the points of interest that you have chosen. 

Go Christmas Shopping And Have Large Items Delivered

Since you and your family will be staying in the suite over the holidays, adding some festive decor to the room will help brighten everyone's spirits and will set the tone for the impending holiday. Go into town to do some Christmas shopping at various shopping centers. If you choose to purchase a tree or some large items that will be given as gifts, request that the items are delivered to the lodge so that you won't be burdened with an overabundance of packages while you and  your loved ones enjoy yourselves while in town. 

Order A Holiday Meal That Includes Traditional Favorites

If the ski lodge contains a kitchen and dining room, order a holiday meal that includes turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes and other traditional favorites. If you would like to provide your family with an intimate meal in a private setting, make arrangements to have food items delivered to the suite that you are staying in. If food isn't prepared at the lodge, call some local restaurants that are open on Christmas and order food items that can be picked up or delivered to your suite.

Purchase some attractive plastic or styrofoam plates and disposable cutlery to use while consuming the meal. Adorn a table in your suite with an inexpensive tablecloth, candles and holders, and sprigs of holly or evergreen.