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Five Mistakes To Avoid When You're Packing For A Catamaran Vacation

Packing properly is an important step in getting as much as possible out of an exciting catamaran tours trip. You need to go prepared because traveling on a catamaran is a unique and unforgettable experience that you might only get to enjoy once.

If you're planning for an upcoming catamaran trip, you should take care to avoid the following five packing mistakes so that things go as smoothly as possible:

Packing things in hard-sided suitcases rather than soft containers like duffel bags

It's important to remember that there's always a shortage of space aboard a small watercraft like a catamaran. This means that you have to plan to make your stored items as compact as possible.

A duffel bag can be squeezed into tiny spaces while a hard suitcase is going to take up a lot of space no matter what you do. Try to avoid keeping things in a hard-sided suitcase and opt instead for smaller and more compact luggage choices. 

Forgetting to pack things that will provide protection from the sun

You may be exposed to the sun for a significant portion of the day when you're traveling via catamaran. It's important to remember to pack sun protection when you're packing.

Don't just pack sunblock. For the best results, you should also pack light clothing pieces you can wear over your skin that will allow you to stay cool while also offering an added layer of protection against the blazing sunlight out on the open ocean.

Failing to pack entertainment for your time at sea

Packing some useful items like a deck of cards or a small book can be helpful when you're spending a few hours traveling by sea.

There may not be much to do between stops when you're aboard the watercraft for extended periods of time. Some entertainment resources can really come in handy.

Failing to pack items that protect from moisture

It's a good idea to pack some sealable plastic baggies that you can use to store items and protect them from moisture while you're at sea. This is especially helpful when you need to store food, jewelry, paper, small electronics and other items that can be destroyed if they get wet. 

Not packing as light as possible

Again, space is likely going to be in short supply aboard a catamaran. You should try to pack as lightly as possible to make your journey more convenient. 

Don't overestimate the amount of clothing you're going to need for your journey. A few swimsuits and outfits of lightweight shorts and shirts can get you through quite a few days aboard a catamaran.