Enjoying Tourist Activities On Your Travels

Three Romantic Adventures To Celebrate Special Moments

Whether the goal is to celebrate an anniversary, enjoy a romantic interlude away from kids and work, or ask that special someone to join you in marriage, the setting often has the power to make or break the experience. For instance, an anniversary dinner in a crowded, noisy restaurant with hit-and-miss service and mediocre food and wine won't be nearly as enjoyable or as memorable as a perfectly prepared gourmet meal served with just the right wine in relaxing, serene environment. 

Rent a Wilderness Cabin 

Wilderness and rural environments are ideal places for nurturing romantic connections. You can find wilderness cabins from Alaska clear to the Eastern Seaboard. The U.S. Forest Service owns many cabins on federal land that they make available at reasonable rates for those wishing to experience a true wilderness retreat. These are generally rustic accommodations, but you can easily find something else if you've got something more luxurious in mind. Bed-and-breakfast establishments as well as small, private rentals are often situated in areas with abundant natural beauty, so look around online and find the spot that best suits your individual needs and preferences. 

Book a Private Sailing Tour 

Sailing in azure waters provides an excellent way for romantic partners to connect with one another in a gorgeous natural setting. Enjoy a sunset cruise after a day of snorkeling, taking photographs, or just enjoying relaxing on the deck of a luxurious catamaran while an experienced crew caters to your every whim. For instance, you can schedule a private chef to prepare a gourmet meal on board and enjoy it with your loved one as the sun sinks into the horizon. With a private sailing tour, you can choose to include friends and family in your celebration, or, if you prefer, you and your partner can have the entire catamaran to yourself. 

Go on a Rafting Trip 

Rafting down one of America's beautiful wild rivers and sleeping under the stars at night on the riverbank is an adventure that many couples will cherish for the rest of their lives. You can choose from guided overnight trips to those lasting five or more days. The accommodations won't be luxurious -- instead of a soft bed, you'll be in a sleeping bag, and instead of dinner by candlelight, you'll be enjoying your evening meal by the glow of a campfire -- but some people wouldn't have it any other way.