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Tips For Keeping Safe On Your Next Wine Tour

For wine lovers, few outings are better than a wine tour. A chance to sample a long list of brands and types of wine will give you the opportunity to identify some new favorites, and given that you'll likely be in the company of friends or family members, you'll have plenty of laughs along the way. Given that you'll be consuming alcohol at a fairly consistent pace throughout the tour, it's important that you have a few ideas on how to avoid feeling tipsy — and, if you do end up feeling that way, how to stay safe. Here are some simple tips that you can employ on your future vineyard tours

Keep Hydrated

One of the best measures against feeling tipsy during a wine tour is to drink plenty of water. When you're sipping wine, the last thing that you might think about is having a bottle or a glass of water, but doing so is valuable. Water will not only keep you hydrated, which is especially useful if it's a sunny day and you're sweating a little, but will also help to send you to the bathroom to flush the alcohol out of your system. Whether you pack your own water or book a tour that provides complimentary water bottles, keeping hydrated is a good idea.

Don't Skimp On Eating

Wine tours will often have appetizers at the different stops, and many tours will also include a meal at some point during the day. If you're really passionate about wine, it's easy to think that skimping on what you eat will give you more room for more wine. The reality is that unless you have a good amount of food in your stomach, you may begin to feel tipsy — and this could hinder your enjoyment of the outing. Always eat the snacks and meals that are provided, and don't hesitate to take a protein bar or some nuts with you, too.

Find A Safe Way Home

Many wine tours offer shuttle service, which is a good idea. While it's easy to think that you can drive to and from the tour, the reality is that you might not feel confident driving home after consuming wine throughout the tour. Instead of having to call a cab or a ride-sharing service, take advantage of the vineyard's shuttle to get you back home — or to your hotel if you've traveled to the wine tour — in a safe manner.